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Please help us to support disadvantaged children in Kenya.

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News and Events from Change Africa Foundation

Our recent activity:

October 2013

American volunteer doctors along with other volunteers visited our orphanage and distributed free medication for both the orphanage and the sick people of the Kisumu District.

Thatched African House

The Change Africa Foundation chairperson and well wishers contributed and built a house for one poor family whose lives were at risk their old dilapidated thatched hut in the slum area of Migori, Kenya. See picture above. Below is a picture of their new house, built with the support of Change Africa Foundation.

Replacement house for African family

25th December 2011

Some volunteers along with Elizabeth Francis the founder of Change Africa Foundation; the founder of New Paradigm and a Radio Lake Victoria presenter  spent Christmas day feeding the disabled elderly, widows and orphans in Kajulu villiage. We cooked, cleaned and counselled them with our partners New Paradigm. Elizabeth Francis said, “This was a great experience to see for ourselves the impact our supporters donations make.”

28th March 2012

Change Africa Foundation distributed books to schools in Kisumu and surrounding villages in the Siaya district. Mama Sarah Obama, the grandmother of President Obama of the United States also received some books for her organisation. (Add photo in here)

New Library

Change Africa Foundation set up a library at the orphanage/community centre in Kisumu. The children now have a library offering them access to books in support of their education. The community centre also offers the opportunity to discuss issues affecting them in their daily life. Change Africa Foundation have provided the only library in the village.

We need your help

Change Africa Foundation is now providing accommodation, food and care for five orphaned in Kisumu. The children are staying at the orphanage. Change Africa Foundation is seeking donors and sponsors to help us to accept more orphaned children from the community who have nowhere to go.

We have the accommodation space to take on more children however we are  lacking the funding to look after them all. We are aware of 85 orphans that could benefit from Change Africa Foundation’s local services in Kenya. We are currently running an appeal for donors to help us save some lives.

If you can help we would really like to hear from you. Please follow this link to our contact form or please make a donation using the Donate button in the side panel.

Computers and Cultural Exchange in Schools.

The schools in the villages we work with around Kisuma are looking for schools in Europe to interact with and to share their culture. The schools are also appealing for used computers. If you have or know anyone that wishes to donate an old computer to a good cause please contact us by following this link.

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Events for Change Africa Foundation

The calendar in the panel below is interactive, you can navigate to different months or views to see what is happening. If you find something of interest, or are supporting us and your event is not listed please contact us by clicking here.

Change Africa Foundation will be running a feeding programme with our partners the New Paradigm on 5th May 2012.

On 9th June 2012 we are running another feeding programme for one school in the village. These children go to school without eating and they cannot concentrate on their work.


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