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Please help us to support disadvantaged children in Kenya.

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About Us

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How we got started

Change Africa Foundation was first founded in 2006 by a British woman, Elizabeth Anyango Francis, who was born and raised in Nyalenda, a slum area in Kisumu, Western Kenya.

Orphange building in Kisumu, KenyaA chance meeting with the British man who became her husband changed her life. Elizabeth Francis has never forgotten her roots, and lives with a sense of commitment to help alleviating the effects of poverty and disease on a stricken sector of society in her homeland.

During the past ten years, Elizabeth has successfully adopted four orphaned children from Kisumu. Recent events in Kenya, and the devastating effects of political and social unrest, have left Mrs. Francis and her husband, her friends and collaborators more determined than ever to help change lives for the better.

After two years of preparatory work, Change Africa Foundation was officially incorporated as a charity in the United Kingdom in August 2008.

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Change Africa Foundation has already started its first orphanage home in Kenya.  Based on donated funds and voluntary support, orphan children in Kisumu now have somewhere to take them in, sustain and comfort them, enroll them in formal school and put them on the path to education, training and greater fulfillment of their potential in life.  
Doctor working with parent and child
Building on her experience as the adoptive mother of four Kisumu orphans, Elizabeth Francis and Change Africa Foundation have built a twenty-room house on the shore of the Lake Victoria, in the Kisumu District, and equipped it as an orphan centre.

The Change Africa Foundation effort focuses on those in the local community affected (and infected) by life-threatening diseases such as HIV/AIDS, as well as the sadly attendant problems of poverty, homelessness, lack of education, exploitation and even sexual abuse. The Change Africa Foundation organization and its volunteer helpers assist those that need it most to realize their hopes, their ambitions and their potential in life. See the volunteering page for more information on our projects. Click here.

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Trustees and Charity Status

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Change Africa Foundation is a UK based charity registered with the Charities Commision. Registration number: 1125611.

The Foundation’s officers are:

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Francis

- Founder and Chair

Mr. Michael East

- Treasurer

Mr. Collins S. Otiende

- Director of Programs

Mr. Roland Francis

- Secretary

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Overseas Partners

Change Africa Foundation works with local partners in Kenya to provide supporting services to children and young adults in Kisumu and other areas as defined by the Foundation. Our local partner helping us to deliver aid and support is New Paradigm (CBO) their website is here.

New Paradigm is a community based organization within Kisumu District. They support orphans and vulnerable children, HIV/AIDS widows, the disabled elderly and people with educational needs. The majority of people in this village are poor, some parents are forced to send their children to go and work in the farms to order to put food on the table.

The project seeks to rescue these children and take them back to class. The New Paradigm organization provides quality care services in medical and clinical care, counselling and social support.

Change Africa Foundation and New Paradigm implement a strategy of support to families with young children to avoid the possibility of desertion due to poverty. Our Volunteer programme covers a large area of remote villages. Together with our partners we organise regular meetings with communities, offering a feeding programme, visiting the elderly and the sick, counselling, cleaning, distribution of neccessities (food stuff), repatriation of street children, visiting the sick in homes and hospitals. In conjunction with our partner New Paradigm we provide help to those families disadvantaged by poverty providing support for early child development.

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