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Our Mission

Our basic humanity means that everyone facing hardship in life deserves a helping hand, the chance of an education, and the opportunity to independently work towards a better future, for themselves and those nearest to them.

Change Africa Foundation was established to increase awareness and educate the public in all areas relating to HIV/AIDS and its effects on communities like Kisumu.  Our mission, with help from our many friends and supporters, is to relieve sickness-related problems among sufferers and their families; in particular (but not exclusively) in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa.

Our Vision

The Change Africa Foundation initiative has from the beginning been aimed at addressing the plight of widows, orphans and other young people affected, or infected, by HIV/AIDS.  Beyond dealing with the devastating effects of the disease itself, Change Africa Foundation aims to help alleviate poverty and sickness, promote good health and the chance of better education for people in disadvantaged communities.

Change Africa Foundation works closely with the affected communities, and with local and international donor agencies, to mobilise resources aimed at extending hope to disadvantaged people in Kenya, providing education, life support skills and initiatives, nutritional support, medical and recreational facilities.

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